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retrofitting WESTINGHOUSE DB-15 breaker

8/20/2013 Electromechanical overloads on Westinghouse db-15 Air Breakers not functioning properly?

Decades ago Westinghouse sold is business to Eaton Cutler Hammer and the Westinghouse DB-15 circuit breakers were developed in the early 50's.  The DB-15 breaker was manufactured in two distinct width sizes which are not interchangeable with one another. Some companies approach the furnishing of replacement parts and circuit breakers as commodity items, while you view your need as an engineered equipment problem that needs solving.

The frame rating of the DB-15 was 225 amperes maximum, with a maximum voltage rating of 600 volts and a maximum interrupting capacity (ic) of 22,000 amperes. Due to the open door draw out design of all Westinghouse DB-15 breakers, care must be taken by your operations staff in withdrawing or inserting these circuit breakers.

The initial draw out configuration was of the single position type (the front door had to be opened in order for the breaker to be withdrawn or inserted into the cubicle.  Insertion and removal was accomplished through the use of a "u" shaped racking tool.  With the single position unit, there was not test position Either the DB-15 was connected to the cell stabs (stationary primary disconnects) or it was removed from the enclosure. 

The later 3 position draw out breaker had a movable escutcheon plate mounted to the front of the breaker, which allowed for the breaker to be placed in a test position with the front door closed.  Interestingly, even though the 3 position breaker had a movable escutcheon plate, the breaker could only be racked in and out with the front door opened (exposing the operator to electrical shock).  Note that satin AMERICAN's staff of engineers is able to work with your operating personnel to develop an operating system in line with NFPA and OSHA regulations to potential operator injury through: circuit breaker switchgear and maintenance training; PPE ( Proper Protective Equipment); short circuit & arc flash studies and proper HAZMAT labeling.

Renewal parts and other components you may need to finish the retrofit include: trip devices, stationary or movable contact assemblies, primary or secondary disconnect fingers (clusters), electrical closing parts, trip coils, operating mechanism parts, closing handles, arc chutes and insulating pole base.

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rewiring db-15 circuit breaker

breaker REWIRING

After circuit breakers are cleaned, recoated and replated, the circuit breaker is rewired and reassebled so it can be tested.

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