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satinAMERICAN offers a vast array of repair services ranging from 480V Molded Case Circuit Breakers, to 480V Motor Control Center Buckets, to 15kv Air / Oil / Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Switchgear and associated parts. On-site cleaning, inspecting and testing can be done at your location to work within scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

We'll perform free condition based audits on breakers and switchgear elements. Parts and accessories are pulled from existing inventory, and if needed, Satin’s machine shop is equipped to manufacture components equal in form and function to the original OEM specifications.

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repair PARTS

Our on-hand inventory of spare parts for obsolete equipment enables satinAMERICAN technicians to upgrade your gear decades after OEM support has ceased to exist. What’s more, our fully outfitted machine shop manufactures components equal in function and performance to original OEM specifications.

  • Arc Chute
  • Charging Handle
  • Closing Handle
  • Bushing assembly
  • Draw-out Assembly
  • Closing Relay
  • Solenoid
  • Solid State Trip Unit
  • Electromechanical trip device
  • Escutecheon plate
  • stationary Main Contacts
  • Stationary Contact Kit
  • Stationary Contact Assembly
  • Movable Main Contacts
  • Movable Contact Kit
  • Stationary Arcing Contacts
  • Secondary Disconnect Cluster
  • Primary Disconnect Cluster
  • Primary Disconnect Assembly
  • Movable Arcing Contacts


1. RECEIVING: Circuit breakers and switchgear are received, serial and model numbers are recorded, and overall condition is recorded prior to placement in Satin’s Breaker Electrical Life Extension program. Satin American stocks over 70,000 vintage breakers from every leading American manufacturer.

2. INSPECTION: Dust covers are removed, and overall condition of the gear is inspected. Next, the contacts, arc chutes, operating coils, controls, wiring and electrical insulation get a thorough review.

3. DISASSEMBLY: Your breaker and switchgear are completely dismantled by a technician who removes the housing assembly, coils, runners and side shields. Our knowledge base in circuit breaker construction and testing capabilities allows us to retrofit most every breaker built since the 1940’s.

4. EVALUATION: An electrical engineer inspects each element, and parts are examined for issues requiring the engineer to advise on replacement parts needed. We maintain a fully outfitted machine shop for small breaker components to full switchgear configurations.

5. REASSEMBLY: A circuit breaker technician cleans, re-coats, re-plates, replaces and rewires parts. In a just a few hours a breaker can be removed from service, retrofitted, upgraded.

6. TESTING: Satin electrical engineers test, mechanical operation, hard wiring, electrical, insulation and speed test if necessary. The Engineering and Test Evaluation Center is where a battery of Hipot tests ensure electrical safety and quality of electrical insulation.

Trip Unit Repair

trip unit REPAIR

We buy, sell, calibrate and repair circuit breaker trip devices and power electronics from leading manufacturers. We've been building replacement tripping systems for over 25 years!

masterpact trip unit manual


Our production efforts are supported with technical legacy documentation that enables us to meet specs or make adjustments and improve on OEM specs that were drawn up decades ago. Tap into our knowledge library.

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circuit breaker evaluation


Repair costs can add up, so we'll give you a free estimate. Give us the go ahead and we'll send you a rental replacement. This way your project or operations aren't interrupted.

Switchgear, Breaker Custom Componnents

renewal PARTS now

We stock renewal parts for leading OEMs in existence since the 1940's. This means we can ship complete assemblies often within 24 hours to get you back online fast.


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