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“What is Electrical Life Extension?”

Call it retrofit, upgrade, repairing, renewal, rebuilding. We do it all. Osolete and current model breakers and switchgear for every American manufacturer since the 1940’s. Our work is guaranteed to have equipment back to original OEM operating condition. All equipment is warranted for one year.

“Do you record any history on equipment before it’s received into your program?”

Circuit breakers and switchgear are received, serial and model numbers are recorded, and overall condition is recorded prior to placement in Satin’s Breaker Electrical Life Extension program. Satin American stocks over 70,000 vintage breakers from every leading American manufacturer.

“What type of inspection does satinAmerican perform on circuit breakers?”

Dust covers are removed, and overall condition of the gear is inspected. Next, the contacts, arc chutes, operating coils, controls, wiring and electrical insulation get a thorough review by a qualified technician. Our technicians are specifically trained in satinAmerican’s which have made us stand out from competitors. We invite you to visit.

“How are circuit breaker and switchgear rebuilt?”

Your breaker and switchgear are completely dismantled by a technician who removes the housing assembly, coils, runners and side shields. Our knowledge base in circuit breaker construction and testing capabilities allows us to retrofit most every breaker built since the 1940's.

“Where do you get vintage circuit and switchgear parts?”

We maintain a fully outfitted machine shop for small breaker components to full switchgear configurations. Electrical engineers inspect each element, and parts are examined for issues requiring the engineer to advise on replacement parts needed.

“How do you clean circuit breakers and switchgear prior to reassembly?”

A circuit breaker technician cleans, re-coats, re-plates, replaces and rewires. In a just a few hours a breaker can be removed from service, retrofitted, upgraded, tested and returned to service.

“What’s your process for testing switchgear and breaker manufacturing?”

Satin electrical engineers test, mechanical operation, hard wiring, electrical, insulation and speed test if necessary.The Engineering and Test Evaluation Center is where a battery of Hipot tests ensure electrical safety and quality of electrical insulation.

“How do I reach customer service or change an order already placed?”

Drop Customer Service an e-mail, or if you'd prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative directly, please call us at 877-356-5050. We are available 24/7 for emergencies and plant blowups. At satinAMERICAN, we take lead time and delivery deadlines seriously.

“What type of guarantee do you offer on equipment labor?”

All satinAmerican's work on electrical power equipment is warranted for one year.

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