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8/20/2013Learn How to Identify Your Circuit Breaker

Replacing a circuit breaker and need a part number or help identifying a replacement? You could take a picture of the breaker label showing the manufacturer part or catalog number. But with older vintage breakers that may not be possible. We can help. This usually requires a phone conversation. We prefer to work that way when it comes to being sure we're delivering what you need....      read more.

8/20/2013 satinAMERICAN Stimulates Circuit Breaker & Switchgear Economy

Energizing Circuit Breaker & Switchgear Upgrades and Parts Demand. Satin American places trained circuit breaker and switchgear installers worldwide, dispatched within hours dealing with costly operational downtime. Power circuit breaker manufacturing in the U.S. has struggled over the past five years due to weakened demand downstream where the equipment is installed. In turn, the market has faced increased competition from overseas OEMs. “Both commercial and residential....       read more.

8/20/2013 Retrofitting a Westinghouse DB-15 Breaker

Electromechanical overloads on Westinghouse DB-15 Air Breakers not functioning properly? Decades ago Westinghouse sold is business to Eaton Cutler Hammer and the Westinghouse DB-15 circuit breakers were developed in the early 50's.  The DB-15 breaker was manufactured in two distinct width sizes which are not interchangeable with one another. Some companies approach the furnishing of replacement parts and....      read more.

8/20/2013 ETC Extends the Life of Power Circuit Breakers

ETC released the first version of the etc upgrade system in 1988. Using this system, any vintage of US manufactured breaker from pre-WWII to present, can quickly and economically be upgraded. A properly remanufactured breaker is mechanically superior to those currently in production.  In this article, we discuss one in a series of solutions offered by ETC. The ETC-12 allows these old breakers to be updated with advanced electronic controls and ensure that they will continue to function reliably for decades..     read more.

10/31/2012 satinAMERICAN Helps Restore Circuit Breakers & Other Electrical Gear in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

satinAMERICAN mobilized a field crew of over 10 sales engineers and 25 electrical service technicians in the northeast in response to outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. read moreread more.

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